Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day One, Journey to EVCCON

The beetle lives again!  I have been driving the Super Beetle electric the last week.  It's been a blast!  There is still work to be done to get things working exactly the way they need to be but for the moment I am just enjoying that EV rush!  I have taken some video and additional pictures which are not yet ready for posting.

Note the new magnetic decal my mother made up for the side!
Beetle strapped in and ready to go behind the Touareg

Today my girlfriend and I made our first leg on our drive to Cape Girardeau to attend EVCCON 2012.  This will be my second year attending and I am extremely excited to be bringing a car this year.  I am also delighted to have the company of my girlfriend for this years convention.  On our first day on the road we made it as far as Cobleskill, NY which is just west of Albany.  We are about 8 hours from home at this point.  Tomorrow we have a shorter day on the road at about 5 hours which will take us to the other side of NY.  Our original plan was to camp tonight but we ran into torrential rain and anyone who's tried to set up a tent in the rain can attest that it's not a happy night trying to get that done.  We instead found a cheap motel for the night with a diner sharing the parking lot.  It's no Ritz but it will certainly do the job!

A new update tomorrow with another day of travel.


  1. Nice pictures! I'm really happy to virtually follow you to Missouri!

  2. Great photos, exciting to see that you are on the road. Have fun!

  3. Can't wait to read more about your adventure!! Travel safe! XO


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