Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day Four, Journey to EVCCON

We're here!  It's been a long road but we made it.  Our original plan was to camp one more night before coming into the Cape but we looked at the forecast again and it was almost certainly going to be a night of heavy rain and thunderstorms.  We opted to stay an extra night at the Drury Lodge in Cape Girardeau rather then risk a sleepless night in the tent (or the car more likely).

Missouri welcomes us!
This morning we hit the road a little later then yesterday.  We left the Miami University campus around 7:45 AM and headed through Indiana, Illinois and eventually into Missouri.  We got about an hour into our trip this morning and took our usual morning breakfast break.  We found a nice park next to what appeared to be a large elevated man made lake.  We sat down and had our cereal and proceded to go for a little swing before getting back in the car for several hundred more miles.  Most of the driving away from the University was on back roads and through fields and fields and fields.  It seemed like forever before we hit an actual two lane highway.  The roads seemed to turn only when the property line of one farm wasn't square with he next and we had to drive around the edge a bit.

Weeeeee!  It seemed like the thing to do at the time
Getting ready to leave our breakfast spot
A couple hours worth of narrow farm roads to get back to the highway
Once we hit the highway again we drove as far as Terre Haute, Indiana and stopped at a Ruby Tuesday for lunch.  This is really my go to restaurant as I find it hard to resist the rubies mini's!  We got back ont he highway and headed further to Mt. Vernon.  In our original plan we thought we might camp out the night and drive the extra couple hours to the Cape in the morning.  With the weather looking questionable at best we opted to endure the remaining two hours and pick up an extra night in the hotel.  This was really the best option for us and we are glad we spent the extra time on the road rather then pitching a tent only to tear it all down in the morning and get into our hotel.

When we got into Cape Girardeau I showed my girlfriend around a little but pointing out Jack Richards house and then we swung by the EVTV shop and headquarters.  There were several conference goer's already hanging out and we got a chance to say hi to Jack and show a few others the car.  After the quick visit we came back to our hotel to check in and unload the beetle before heading to dinner.  Its a long day and we are looking forward to a nice nights sleep and a long walk in the morning to get our legs back under us from all the hours in the car.

A little peak in the car by the EVCCON 2012 sign!
Oh good nothing fell out on the way here!
Tomorrow's update will come with some content and pictures from the opening reception of EVCCON 2012!

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  1. And now it's time for the good stuff. I'm curious to see the other vehicles at the conference this year.


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