Wednesday, September 26, 2012

EVCCON Reception Opening Day

It's been a great day at the opening reception for EVCCON 2012.  We started the day off with some breakfast at the Drury Lodge before heading over to the Show Me center for a walk around campus.  After all that time in the car over the last several days we needed some outside time.  Fortunately the weather held out for us.  The rain did eventually come in the afternoon but it was after we had gotten to the reception. We headed over to Jack's garage and checked in to get our badges and show the Beetle with other conference attendees that were arriving.

Great Ice Sculpture!

There were a lot of familiar faces around the garage from last years convention.  It was a different experience having a car this year.  I got a lot of questions and had a great time sharing the car with the group.
BMW 2002

Massive thunderstorms and rain outside

Tesla Roadster charging in the rain

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