Monday, September 24, 2012

Day Three, Journey to EVCCON

Today was a long day on the road.  We left Cuba, NY and headed for Ohio.  We hadn't really figured out where we were going to end up today until we realized another friend was living and working at Miami University in Ohio.  This was a little further then we had originally thought we would go but ended up being just the right distance.  We had quite the adventure on the way there though.

This was our longest travel day so far and we made it count.  We left Cuba at a quarter past six in the morning and put in an hour or so before stopping briefly for breakfast.  The temperature by this point was still only 39 degrees and we continued to drive through dense fog for another couple hours.

The fog finally lifting

We started looking for lunch locations and came across an Amish restaurant called Der Dutchman that was located in Bellville, Ohio.  This was just what we needed.

Look, there's the Beetle!
 We got back on the road and decided we would make the trip over to Ohio State where my grandfather graduated with his PhD in Mechanical Engineering.  The campus is huge but we managed to capture a few pictures by the stadium.  I even managed to get a hold of the O on the side of the stadium!
There it is again
It took a bit but I got a hold of the O
We both posed for the shot
Tomorrow we head into Indiana and then Missouri!

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  1. Keep the updates coming Caleb! Sounds like you are having fun!

    - The BMVS Command Center


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