Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day Two, Journey to EVCCON

We had a beautiful drive today from our humble accommodations in Cobleskill.  It was a refreshing change from our drive yesterday.  As we approached our planned camping location we drove towards this black foreboding sky which proceeded to dump heavy rain on us.  As a result was ended up staying in a small motel rather then in our tent.

Not the kind of clouds you want to see when pitching a tent...
Today we drove through NY west to Cuba.  The country side was beautiful and largely uninhabited.  We drove through some hilly stretches of highway which was handled well by our Volkswagen Touareg.  Equipped with only the VR6 it powered up the hills with little problem even with the weight of our camping gear and the Electric Beetle in tow.  It was a day of some interesting sites.  We were passed by a full size pickup with a huge pumpkin in the bed.  We guessed that it would have weighed in at 700 or so pounds!  What does that have to do with electric cars you ask?  Absolutely nothing but it was impressive non the less!

This is a much better scene then yesterday!
It took a bit of getting used to towing the car on the trailer behind us and I have gotten pretty good at parking it.  We even parallel parked it today when we stopped in Owego for lunch.

Tailgater?  No, just the Beetle enjoying the open road.
The last stop we made before our sleeping destination was at Alfred State College S.U.N.Y where my lovely girlfriend worked before moving back to Maine.

Alfred State Colle SUN...
Tonight we are staying with friends in Cuba... NY.  Tomorrow we head to Ohio, birthplace of... my mother!  Look for some pictures of the Beetle in the blog tomorrow!

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