Friday, July 20, 2012

Parts Update

More Parts on the Way

It's time for another update!  Earlier this week a large order of parts shipped out from Arizona and should be arriving on Monday.  Early Beetles where not known for there incredible stopping ability as the cars came equipped with standard drum brakes all the way around.  Since this car is going to become my daily driver (in the summer at least) I decided it was best to upgrade the brakes.  I will be getting in a full set of disk brakes for both the front and back wheels.  I realize that I could have done just as well with only front disks and left the backs to the drums but for the added piece of mind the cost was minimal and it will be that much safer.  Along with the new brakes I'll be running a new 20.6mm brake master cylinder to keep up with the added pressure required for the 4 disks.  I don't think stopping will be an issue!

With all those shiny new brakes in there I figured I'd need to add some improved tires as the stock tires leave a lot to be desired.  The stock wheals are so narrow I also put a set of EMPI style 8 spoke two tone wheels to improve the look and feel of the car.  I'll start my selection process for the tires shortly. is a great source for classic VW Beetle parts
For a long time I debated on what I was going to do for the interior.  I went back and forth with myself on whether to keep it looking classic and original or to freshen it up with more modern appointments.  I looked for original seats that would have fit the classic look (the current seats are beyond showing their age) but they just didn't seem to fit an electric car.  With a modern drive system I decided I needed modern seats to match.  I would have liked to go with a set of Recaro but I felt as though I had spent quite enough on the other components so far and went with a nice set of reclining Corbeau seats instead.  These seats will add a level of comfort and convenience not found in the stock Beetle seats.  The added benefit of going with these seats is that Corbeau also fashions seat brackets that clip right into the stock mounting mechanism.  No cutting or welding custom seat brackets in!
Corbeau A4 Series reclining Seat in black cloth
Hopefully I'll have a motor and controller next week to share!  Please leave your comments below!

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